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Let's be honest -- you don't like limiting yourself to the yarn aisles of your local craft store. You love knitting with luxurious, small batch yarns dyed by an indie dyer. You also have a unique personality and love expressing yourself with bright and bold colors. 

Don't hide it!  

Join the revolution and knit with sumptuous yarns from a small business instead of synthetic yarns from a big box store!

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What others are saying

I just opened the package and I'm swooning. The yarn is soft and squishy, and the colorway is gorgeous--it's sexy! 


I have bought two different weights of the Silver Fox one in Worsted and the other in Fingering and both are gorgeous!! I love Melanie's yarns! I highly recommend you try them for yourself!


The color is stunning and the yarn is lovely to work with.


I bought 2 skeins of the Robins Egg blue and it arrived so wonderfully packaged! The color was even better in person! I even received a matching stitch marker to go with my yarn!


The colorway may be Iceberg, but it sure did warm me up when I took
the squishy beauty out of the package.It's wonderful. Thank you!


I just opened my package from Melanie which contained my order of Cairdeas!! And it's GORGEOUS!! I can't stop looking at it. This was happy mail indeed! You must try her yarn! I love how my package always comes smelling so nice!!






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