Celebrities Who Knit

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Knitting isn't just for old ladies anymore. Millennials are getting in on the action and even some famous celebrities have realized the relaxing joy of knitting!

Kate Middleton

Kate apparently once said to a well-wisher during her pregnancy that she'd recently taken up knitting but "was really bad at it". Aw, we all have to start somewhere Kate--don't give up!

Ryan Gosling

Even the guys love to knit! Ryan told GQ Australia in 2013 that he learned from some "old ladies" on the set of a movie and realized that was the most relaxing day. He decided to take it up to keep the relaxing going.

Scarlett Johansson

Not only does Scarlett knit in her movies but she does it off camera as well!

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP once told Good Housekeeping that she knits to relax but she does it while watching TV, which results in a lot of dropped stitches. Yep--been there....

Julia Roberts

According to People Magazine, Julia loves to knit while on set and even encourages her co-stars to join her. Spreading the knitting love--I like it!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron was so fascinated by Julia Roberts' knitting while on the set of "My Best Friend's Wedding" that she eventually took up the hobby as well!


So you see? Knitting really isn't for old ladies anymore and it seems even celebrities have realized how relaxing it can be.


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