7 Tools Every Knitter Needs In Their Project Bag

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A knitter is only as good as their tools. Having quality yarn and notions makes knitting so much easier and they really help show off your mad knitting skillz. So what exactly do you need in your project bag? Here are 7 tools I can't live without.

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A Tapestry Needle

Weaving in ends is no fun--everyone hates it. So you might as well have a really good tool to make the arduous job a little easier.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are used to mark the beginning of a round when working in the round on circular needles. They're also used to mark when you need to do certain things a pattern may call for, like yarn overs. You can get them as simple as these or you can find some really cute ones in Etsy that are made by talented people.

Stitch Holders

These are great when you need to hold stitches while you work on another part of your project. For example, they would hold the stitches where the sleeves to a sweater will start until you're ready to work the sleeves. I've also used them to hold stitches during a frogging emergency. Don't ask...it was tragic.

Cable Needle

You'll definitely need these bad boys when you start working cables. You could always use a spare circular needle or DPN if you're in a pinch but these are really nifty.

Row Counters

I used to use row counters until I found a pretty cool app. But sometimes I forget about the app or my phone dies or a kid wants to play Panda Pop so I have to resort to the old fashioned way of keeping track. These are pretty cool because they're row counters and stitch markers in one!

Measuring tape

I really like a retractable tape like this one.

Needle Caps

Needle caps are great for keeping your stitches on your needles when you set your project down. It always seems like a kid gets curious when I set mine down and the caps ensure that they don't start frogging my work. Now that would be tragic... 


Straights, circulars, DPNs, steel, aluminum, bamboo, interchangeables....I could write a blog post alone on needles! I'll save that for another day though and for now just show you this pretty awesome set.

Ok, so that was 8. My bad. One can never have too many goodies in their project bag!

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