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I am going to let you in on a secret...I don't always have colorway inspiration just popping out of my head when I dye my yarns. Sure some of my colorways are inspired by brilliant light bulb moments, like the Reign Over Me Club.

But sometimes this chaotic brain of mine needs a rest. That is when I use pictures or color cards to create colorways. 

This was the inspiration for one of my newest colorways, "Castle Grounds":

And here it is on yarn:

It really is fun to take one of these pictures and translate it to color on yarn. I still get to exercise the artist in me without so much brain power because the hard work of inspiration is done.

Colorways don't always come out looking exactly like the photo, though! Sometimes it just helps me to have an idea of a group of colors as a starting point and then I go crazy in the studio. 

For example, another one of my recent colorways started from this: 


And this is how it turned out on yarn:

You can see that there are some colors that are similar to those in the color card, but it's not an exact match.

Speaking of inspiration, be sure to check out the blog next week as I will be sharing some amazing pattern inspirations to use your lovely new skein of the Mary, Queen of Scott’s colorway!


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