Second Sock Syndrome getting you down?

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Are you tired of second sock syndrome getting the best of you? Having mateless socks in your sock box all because you just couldn't cast on the same sock again? Ya me too.

I recently received a beautiful skein of yarn from Dye Candy in a swap we did. I have decided I definitely want to make socks from this yarn. Thing is I suffer from second sock syndrome. Like really bad. I have 6 clan members making up a small tribe, so you bet distractions are par for the course around here. Its like Knit one, take five. I need something to help me get these socks done and mostly in a hurry, so I stop having a bunch of Single Socks hanging out at the Singles bin with signs saying "Looking for a Mate" and "Cozy sock seeks same".

What is a busy working mama to do? Kiss second sock syndrome goodbye with TAAT knitting! What the heck is TAAT you ask?

If this is a new technique for you, TAAT means Two At A Time knitting. If you are already working on one pair why not work both at the same time. Takes only a little more time and really is saving you because now you get two socks done for the time of one!


Today's post is about introducing you to TAAT knitting and giving you some great tutorial references so that you too can overcome the dreaded second sock syndrome (or mitten this is no way limited to just socks my friends).

You will need to get familiar with Magic Loop method if you are not already. Also make sure you have a good pair of needles. You need smooth needle/Cable joins otherwise you will suffer with lots of pain! I recommend Chiagoos, Knit Picks, or Addi's in at least 40" long circulars.

Now -- using your favorite method of casting on for socks, in the magic loop method you will set up for knitting your socks two at a time. Place a marker or thread a different colored pieced of yarn to the base where you start so you know when you complete a round. Placing a progress keeper on either the right side or wrong side to help give you a mental clue is good to.

Here are two great tutorials from YouTube to help you with TAAT knitting in either cuff down or toe up.

Cuff Down
Toe Up

Are you a regular TAAT knitter, or is this something new you look forward to trying? I myself am excited to see both socks done at the same time and ready for me to wear!

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