Why you should unskein your yarn when choosing a pattern

Posted by Melanie Cheripka on

Today’s tip is about unskeining your yarn when choosing a yarn or multiple yarns for a project. Yes really it’s ok to undo your skein!

Let’s face it -- swatching might as well go down in the knitter's book as a swear word. We all know why it’s important to do a swatch, yet it’s something we will avoid doing if at all possible. Unless you are making a garment where fit and gauge are important, most of us want to just dive into our pretty yarn and start knitting with it right away!!

Here is a knitting trick for you if you are not sure how your yarn is going to look while being knitted up and you don’t want to do up a swatch. Unskein your yarn or yarns and lay it out on the table. Laying the yarn out in its full glory lets you see where all the colors settle and gives you a better idea on how it’s going to knit up. If you are wanting to do several colorways you will be able to see how they work together and if they will fit the pattern you are thinking of.

Have you ever laid out your skeins before knitting them up? Did it help you envision the FO?

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  • Brilliant! I will give it a try!

    DeeAnna Swanson on

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