Color Cards

Below are the colorways that I currently offer. Please keep in mind that each yarn base takes the dye differently so the same color may look differently on two bases. Part of the fun of hand dyed yarns! Also, while I try my best to capture the correct color of the yarns, monitor settings vary greatly so please keep that in mind as you're drooling over the loveliness. ;-)

If you see a color here that I don't currently have in-stock on a base you want, please feel free to place a pre-order!

You'll notice an English name and then its Gaelic name in parenthesis. If you'd like to know how to pronounce these and wow your friends at your next Stitch 'N Bitch, go here for a pronunciation guide!

Something Good


Sand (Gaineamh)

Poppy (Poipín)

 Peach (Peitseog)

Olive (Ológ)

Moss (Caonach)


Loch Ness

Golden (Órga)

Forbidden Fruit

Green (Glas)

Spring (Earrach)

Castle Grounds

Sword (Claíomh)

Twilight (Clapsholas)

Silver Fox

Respect (Meas)

Raindrops On Roses

Purple (Corcra)


Ocean (Aigéan)

Navy Blue (Dúghorm)

Minty (Miontais)

Mary Queen of Scots

Loch Ness

Irish Coffee

Honey (Mil)


Heritage (Dúchas)


Grandpa (Daideo)


Friendship (Caírdeas)

Fawn (Osbhuí)

Dragon's Breath


Cranberry (Mónóg)

Cloudy (Scamallach)



Apple Green (Úllghlas)


Terra Cotta


Enchanted Forest

Peacock Fairy

I Hate Birthdays!