Say What?!

Part of the Baad Mom Yarns vibe is the Celtic feel of the brand. Which means some of the colorways are difficult to pronounce. Below are the pronunciations and meanings behind some of the colorways. I hope it helps! 😊

AigĂ©an (AH-jee-un) -- AigĂ©an means ocean and this colorway was specially created for the Delmarva Wool & Fiber Expo in Ocean City, MD where it made its debut. It was a hit so I’ve made it a permanent colorway.

Cailc (KALK) -- means chalk and was suggested by one of my Instagram followers because the colorway reminded her of sidewalk chalk. I couldn't agree more and thought it was the perfect name! It's a beautiful hand dyed colorway of bright pinks surrounded by soft blues, greens, and yellows and light speckles of blue.

CĂ irdeas (CAR-jus) -- I had a customer request a special colorway so that she could knit something up for her dear friend and this is the result! CĂ irdeas means friendship and I think it's the perfect name. This gorgeous hand dyed colorway has a soft pink base with rich red and deep yellow speckles.

Caonach (COY-uh-nuch) -- Caonach is a beautifully soft, mossy green semi-solid hand dyed colorway. 

Claíomh (kuh-LIE-vh) -- Claíomh means sword and this hand dyed colorway reminds me of a rusty sword found in the woods where medieval sword fights took place long ago. This unique colorway is a semi-sold grey with deep amber yellow speckles.

Clapsholas (CLA-pull-us) means twilight and this variegated colorway is a perfect representation of the sky during twilight. It has soft grayish greens and purple blues.

Daideo (DAH-doo) means grandpa and this rugged colorway has blue jean blues highlighted by olive greens.It reminds me of my grandfathers. They both had brilliant blue eyes and often had grass stains on their jeans from a hard day's work on their farms. 

DĂșchas (DOO-hass) means heritage and to me, this hand dyed colorway represents Irish heritage. With its bright greens and hints of purple surrounded by grays, your next project will be gorgeously Irish!

DĂșghorm (DOO-hor-dahm) -- DĂșghorm means navy blue and this beautiful semi solid hand dyed colorway has shades of striking navy blue.

Earrach (ARR-ock) -- Earrach means Spring. This beautiful colorway has varying shades of green with purple speckles.

Eire (AY-ra) -- Eire is a beautiful hand dyed colorway of deep blues and greens with a pop a bright lime green.

Gaineamh (GUY-nev) means sand. This sandy brown semi-solid coordinates well with several colorways!

GĂ©in (GAIN) means jean, as in your favorite pair of blue jeans. This colorway looks just like those jeans and would pair perfectly with many colorways.

Gormghlas (GORM-glus) means blue green and is a beautiful hand dyed shade of aquamarine that would pair wonderfully with many of my colorways!

Meas (Mass) -- Meas means estimation, opinion, esteem, or respect. This rich kettle dyed colorway has deep greens, rich reds, and browns surrounded by charcoal grey. You will definitely command respect with this one!

Miontais (MUN-tush) -- Miontais means "minty" -- this beautiful speckled colorway has a soft minty green base with dark green speckles.  

Mónóg (MOH-nogh) -- Mónóg means cranberry. I was saddened by the untimely death of Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands -- The Cranberries. I created this hand dyed colorway in memory of Dolores.

Ológ (OH-lug) means olive. This beautiful variegated colorway has olive greens and browns, just like the delicious fruit my kids can't seem to get enough of. 

OsbhuĂ­ (OS-buoy) means fawn colored. This beautiful colorway has varying shades of brown, just like adorable fawns.

PĂ©itseog (PAY-chog) is Gaelic for peach. This soft peach hand dyed semi-solid pairs beautifully with many of my colorways.


Poipín (pweh-PEEN) -- Poipín means poppy, the flowery inspiration behind this soft hand speckled colorway. A soft melon-y orange base is highlighted with bright orange and deep blue speckles. 

Scamallach (SCAM-uh-lach) -- Scamallach means "cloudy" and is inspired by an overcast day in Ireland. This moody, hand dyed colorway is kettle dyed with greens, purples, and blues and is surrounded by deep grays.

Siobhan (shiv-AWN) -- Siobhan is a beautiful hand dyed colorway with soft peach pink fading into rich green and brown speckles.

Úllghlas (OOL-glus) -- Úllghlas means apple green, which describes this hand dyed colorway perfectly! The bright green will certainly add a pop of color to any project.