Yarn Support for Pattern Designers

Do you design knit or crochet patterns?

I love supporting pattern designers and would love to offer my support as you create your next design! Whether you're a new designer or established, I'm here to help. I offer support with my existing colorways or I can work with you to create a new colorway for your design.

Please note that I am currently unable to offer free yarn support. After all of the details are worked out, I will send you an invoice for the yarn at my wholesale prices (50% off retail) plus shipping.

What am I looking for?

Baad Mom Yarns is simple and modern, yet trendy with a color palette that is inspired by nature. Most of my variegated colorways are dark with a pop of bright color.

While I appreciate the diversity of the design community, I want to partner with designers who align with my target market + fashion sense. I like to follow current fashion trends and I have a particular fondness of the "hipster" look. Celtic designs get extra points! Check out my Pinterest boards to get a feel for my style.

What's in it for you?

I will promote your pattern through my social media (Facebook page and group, Instagram, Twitter + Newsletter) so I will need your permission to use your pattern photos. You retain full rights to your design and will receive full yarn support.

If I decide that you'd be a good fit for my yarns, I require that you list Baad Mom Yarns as the sole yarn for your design. This includes any links in Ravelry, website pattern pages, and social media. I also ask that you promote my yarns in your social media, blog, etc. giving your review of the yarns. 


Sounds great, what's next?

Glad you asked! Just send me an email with the following information and the subject "PATTERN SUPPORT".

  1. A brief introduction, including when you plan to release the pattern, the type of yarn needed and preferred colorway.
  2. A clear sketch, drawing, or photo of the design and stitch pattern you have planned.
  3. The amount of yarn you think you'll need, based on a swatch of a comparable yarn.
  4. Your Ravelry username

I'll contact you if I think you'd be a match for Baad Mom Yarns and we'll go from there! Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

Slán leat,